Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Japanese Good Speak Can ^_^

Well this is interesting...

The 4 Most Bizarrely Difficult Languages to Learn

I mean I knew Japanese had its difficulties, but I didn't realize it could be considered to be the hardest language to learn. This article makes some good points tho. Yes you can express a wide variety of expressions, feelings and tense all in one gigantically long verb. But quite frankly I think thats kinda fun. I remember trying to conjugate something to make it as long as possible in class.


Which roughly translates to, "I (regretfully) shouldn't have wanted to go out to eat" all in one massively translated verb. I'm sure thats actually very strange Japanese, but I think technically its grammatically correct. And now you know how I spent my days learning Japanese. It was either making up ridiculous verbs, or talking about drinking beer and having my girlfriend make me a sandwich for every other example/homework question. Also there were ninjas and pirates. Good times...

Anyways to be fair, the nice thing about Japanese is that it really sticks to the rules. Once you get passed the new alphabet(s), you don't have to memorize nearly as many bizarre exceptions to the rules like English has. And as difficult as it is to memorize thousands of kanji (Chinese characters), English makes up for that with spelling. The different level of politeness is kind of nuts though. Here's a few ways to say eat


You can pretty much replace the word 'eat' with any of these verbs in the sentence "he eats" and the only thing that would change is the level of politeness. And those are just the dictionary base forms. You can conjugate every one of those to the -masu form which is your standard polite conjugation, and still maintains the same tense. Oh also Japanese has no future tense. Go figure.

Well thats cool though. Apparently I can somewhat fluently speak the most difficult language in the world. How bout that. Here I thought I was just having fun :)


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