Monday, April 19, 2010

And the Search Begins...

Went to Yokohama over the weekend to meet up with Kana and her mom for dinner. We went to a rather interesting and extremely delicious okonomiyaki place. Pictures to come later. Yokohama is only 45 min away from Ebina, same as Shinjuku. I'm definitely liking this area.

Anyways, Kana and her mom came all the way to Ebina to help me with my apartment search. That was... extremely nice of them. Its definitely a major help to have an actual Japanese along, as you can imagine. Well unfortunately all the places we set up to go take a look at were recently taken, so we were back to square one. On the other hand, there were a few realtors open even on Sunday, but I wasn't surprised to find it hard to find my ideal location and size for the price I was looking for.

I did find a pretty nice place in the station over (Atsugi). As boring as Atsugi is, the apartment is above a supermarket, and the station is only a few minutes down the road. And as it's the next station over, I should be able to bike to Ebina w/out much trouble. Gonna try and take a look at some more places before I make a decision, but so far I've got one place I'd be happy with.


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