Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Made It... Now What?

Well I made it! Didn’t get a whole lot of sleep on the bus, being 6’ 3” in Japan doesn’t help. But I did get some sleep, so I should be able to make it through the day. The bus trip was alright, there was this really weird guy sitting in front of me who was making noises all night though. Not snoring, but like, weird groans or saying things like, ‘ow ow ow’ or ‘mom’ and stuff. Plus he like rammed the back of his seat into my knees without asking, thanks a lot. He also had his feet propped up against the mini-wall in front of him as he was the first seat behind the stairs. Oh yea, I was on the 2nd floor of the bus, heh. Pretty interesting trip tho. I was finally able to get some sleep after getting the window seat that someone left open after they got off at an earlier stop… then we got to Nagoya… I wanted to sleep longer!!

I did however make a random acquaintance with the guy who was sitting behind me though. After we go to Nagoya, I kind of mentioned to him in Japanese, “Ahh, and I finally fell asleep.” Much to his surprise of Japanese coming out of my mouth, “Ah! You can speak Japanese??” Man I love those moments.Long story short, we went to McDonalds for breakfast and chatted a bit. Turns out he’s got a band called “Blind Recollection” and he let me listen to a new song they’re working on. It’s all in English, and he of course said his English is terrible so it sounds weird, but it was really just fine. A little bit of grammar mistakes, but actually it was a really cool song. I therefore received a copy of it, woo! He couldn’t think of a good title for it, so I helped him out. Came up with the title “Chaos Without You” …It had interesting lyrics, but hey, it was cool. It’s gonna be on a compilation CD that gets released country-wide later on, so this is all hush-hush you see. Can’t be spreading out his hit song before it gets released, haha.

Well on my way to the Youth Hostel I stopped at a Starbucks and that’s where I am now. My phone died so I’m borrowing their electricity, which shouldn’t be a problem since I spent 5 bux on a raspberry slushy! Hopefully once I get to the Youth Hostel I can use the internet. You see, there was one thing I just didn’t quite get around to getting done before leaving for Nagoya

Finding out whats interesting to do over here…

…Yea, could lead me to a couple problems there… Guide book! Where’s a guide book!! But for the time being it feels really good to relax in this starbucks. It’s officially post rainy season full blown summer over here now, so it’s pretty hot, and I’m gonna be doing a lot of walking outside. Now I’ve cooled off and refueled with some nice cold sugar. Shall we?

Oh by the way, turns out my friend who I’m supposed to meet up with in Osaka… in respects of time and money, he can’t make it, haha. But in replace of that, he said I can stay at his place in Ichigaya (which just happens to be the same city where my girlfriend lives, so that’s convenient). So that’ll work out great, cause I needed a place to stay after I get back from this trip, otherwise I’d be homeless. Thanks Tom! (he’s Japanese, it’s actually Tomu) I’ll be glad to take advantage of your hospitalities!


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