Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kyoto, Here We Come

Ok, I was able to find a free internet place here in Kyoto, but I really need to get to my sightseeing as there is a LOT to do here, so i'll try and keep this breif

Yesterdays Nagoya part 2.... didnt really turn out as well as I'd hoped. I was on the internet most of the morning catching up on a lot of things, which is fine cause the train was only supposed to take 40 min to get from Nagoya to Kyoto via the bullet train. However, that is if you pay the full price for the express bullet train, money, which i dont want to pay. So i instead needed to leave almost immediately after i got to the station in order to make it to Kyoto on time for check in by 7:30. Long story short, my Nagoya touring got debunked, and I spent most of the day traveling or not doing much at all, since when i got to Kyoto, it was already dark. Oh well, these things happen. Today's a new day and I'm lookin forward to it

I actually made friends with another guy my age and an elderly gentlemen, and it seems like we're going to be doing some traveling together. Gotta say I really appreciate being able to share my experiences verbally with someone. The other day in Nagoya by myself was really alot lot of fun... its just that i kept my mouth shut for most of the day, gets a lil lonley, especially when you're taking in this very cool scenery, and you have no one but yourself to say 'oh, wow' to, haha

Unfortunately, I still couldn't get any pictures uploaded, hopefully i'll have more luck some time later, more than likely i'll have ample time in Osaka at my friends, since i'm sure i'll be borrowing his internet.

Well I need to get going, Temples and Shrines dont stay open as long as other attractions!

Kyoto, Here We Come!!


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