Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Typhoon #15

Its typhoon'ing like crazy over here right now. I can hear rain noise coming from the wall, as in horizontal rain. Yeesh.


This has really been a weird typhoon though. First it was heading north at a slow speed, like the one a few weeks ago that plowed through central Japan at a bicycles pace. Then it did a loop-d-loop over Okinawa, and messed up everyone's day I'm sure. Now it's making a b-line for Tokyo and up through NE Japan, picking up speed along the way.

Some of my coworkers tell me they haven't experienced a typhoon quite this strong in awhile either. Quite the year 2011 has turned out to be for Japan... whew.

Update: By the way, the typhoon ended very suddenly, right before I went home. It went from torrential downpour to just a little wind (absolutely no rain) in 30 min or so. Crazy.


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