Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Japan vs Nature

So apparently nature has declared war on Japan or something. As if recovering from the earthquake wasn't enough, we just got hammered with the worst typhoon in 28 years. Apparently its name was Typhoon Talas, which I just found out cause they don't use names over here, just numbers. So it was Typhoon #12 as far as I'm concerned. Plus this one decided to slow waaay down when it hit land or something (I heard mention of it being as fast as a bicycle?), and pretty much do all sorts of screwy things with the weather.

I remember last week Thursday and Friday there was supposed to be heavy rain in the morning, so Thursday I planned ahead, left my bike at work and arranged so a co-worker would pick me up. Unfortunately, I didn't even need my umbrella. So much for 8mm/hr of rain. Same weather prediction for Friday morning, but when I woke up and looked outside that morning... it was sunny - and not just a break in the clouds or anything, it was a bright and sunny morning. I understand how typhoons can be somewhat unpredictable, but yeesh.

Anyways, originally the typhoon was supposed to rear its ugly face right through Kangawa, Tokyo, and up through NE Japan, but it decided to slow down and plow over Shikoku and western Japan instead. Perhaps that was for the better though, cause those guys up in NE Japan don't need anything more on their plate.


Fortunately I seemed to have gotten through this typhoon mostly unscathed, as I didn't get caught in any downpours to/from work. Then again, as I was coming home Sunday night, after I got to Ebina station, got on my bike for 2 minutes or so down the road, suddenly the floodgates opened and a torrential downpour dumped on me out of nowhere (the ground was dry before then). I did have my umbrella, although it only kept my upper body dry. Still, I was just heading home, so I simply showered and changed right away.


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