Friday, August 19, 2011

A Little Update in This Heat

You know its hot out when you turn the shower on, and the water goes from warm, to cold, and then back to warm water again. It doesn't feel as hot out as last year, but maybe thats cause I'm not walking outside as much as I bike to work now. Then again, all this energy saving by raising the temp on the A/C isn't helping either... but hey, thats reality. I just try not to think about the heat as much, and generally have a fan or A/C pointed my way at all times of the day.

Anyways, a few weeks back the stars aligned and it just so happened that a bunch of people from the Japanee Student Association (JSA) from back at the U were in/around the Tokyo area, so we got together for a... reunion of sorts. I suggested maybe we could do a picnic in a park, and subsequently got nominated as the organizer... oh well. It was loads of fun, and most of all, so nice to see familiar faces again, people I have some history with, especially the common ground of good ol Minnesota.

In other news, my company is going public! Thats pretty cool, especially since I get to be around since the beginning. In fact, on that note, I'm closing in on my 3rd year at Proto Labs. I can't believe I've been working for 2 years now. Boy time flies (when you're having fun, right?). Actually, I gotta say I've been quite enjoying my job. With time spent on both softare development and IT administration, the variety keeps things interesting. I'm learing a lot that way too, whew. Anyways, I wonder if I'll get any stock options. I'd certainly not mind that, especially since we're at over 400 employees worldwide now, and looking to raise $100 million in IPO. I think we were at 300 employees when I started, and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon either. :D


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