Monday, July 25, 2011

Nadeshiko Fever Continues...

This morning I woke up to continuing news of Nadeshiko Japan, and the World Cup aftermath. It seems they're exhausting every story related to the team, all the way down to the hair bands, nail art and earrings they're wearing...

nail art 投稿者 peakfloods

If my memory serves me right, I think they even mentioned you could purchase the earrings Kawasumi Nahomi wears, and apparently still is, cause I just saw her on SMAP x SMAP with them on. One is a globe and the other is a plane, supposedly to represent international something or other.

Also, here's a little bit of random. I stop by Kana's neighborhood in Hirama this weekend, and there's a summer festival going on. Cool, what timing!

The butter/soy sauce corn and sausages were delicious.

So we're walking though the neighborhood, seeing what food and such they're selling, when we start to hear drums off in the distance. We keep going, and the drums get louder. There must be some performance of some sort going on. Seems to be a parade of some sort. As it gets closer, we start to make out exactly what it is...


I like the old man with the cell phone came following the parade taking pictures. Come on dude, haha.

So random! What is a samba doing in Hirama?!?


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